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Misc. Forums


  1. Chit-Chat

    Sit down, relax and have a laugh. This forum is for all of our members to come and shed some shoulder-weight and discuss anything and everything they have on their minds.

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  2. Music

    Have a favorite music genre or artist that you're dying to talk about? Are you an artist yourself? Come and talk about anything related to the music business in this forum.

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  3. Video Games

    Need a place to talk about your favorite video game? Come here and chat about anything and everything related to video games and video game consoles.

    • No posts here yet
  4. Movies & Televisions

    This forum is dedicated to movies and television shows. Come and chat about your favorite show, actor, movie or anything else big-screen related with the rest of the community.

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  5. Sports

    Are you a sports junkie? This is the place to chat about your favorite sports and teams, whether it's high school sports or professional sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.)

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  6. World Wide Web

    From memes to funny cat videos to outlandish articles. This is the place to talk about anything you've found on the web.

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  7. Technology

    Are you having computer problems? Are you excited about some new technology gadget coming out? Anything related to technology is to be discussed here.

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  8. The Loony Bin

    This is the place to start up your forum games, test your signature images or avatars. Some call it spam, others call it fun. Please remember to respect your fellow members here.

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